With our products we realize real-time asset tracking of assets such as trailers and semitrailers. Our customers thereby optimize their internal business processes, proces control and internal and external logistic movements. Equipped with the latest battery technology, our trackers have a lifespan of over 10 years.

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Vision & Machine-learning (ML)

As a developer of image processing software and application-oriented inspection systems, Trackware develops and installs quality control systems. Image recognition software can monitor quality at critical points in the process to intervene immediately when one or more parameters move outside the specified ranges. A tightly controlled process leads to less downtime and consistent product quality. Trackware works with both conventional technology and ML-based algorithms.

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This is Trackware

In a free market, your company must be able to compete in the battle for consumers. Your products are probably not unique and you are looking for other ways to differentiate yourself and keep costs low. Trackware helps you to improve production efficiency, to prevent or reduce losses, rejects, recalls and claims, and to find the exact product location in the logistics process.

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