Trackware TW1-2 is our comprehensive tracking unit with coverage within Europe.

The battery life is 10 years based on one (1) message each day.

The TW1-2 has sensors for measurement of motion (anti-theft), tilt, temperature and accelerometer (fall detection)

The enclosure meets the IP67 standard and therefore works under all weather conditions, with temperatures between -30 ° C and + 80 ° C.


TW achterkant



Specifications TW 1-2
Dimensions:                                              149 x 77 x 35 mm (l x w x h)
Weight:                                                      540 gr
IP rating:                                                   IP69k
Enclosure:                                                 PA6 w. glass epoxy +
Battery lifetime                                        Standard 10 years @ 1 pos / day
Battery type:                                             Lithium Primary, 28,8Ah
Operating temperature:                         -30ºC to + 80ºC
Storage temperature:                             -40 to + 90ºC
Positioning Technology:                       GPS / GLONASS and GSM cell ID
Mobile technology:                                GPRS / SMS Quad band
Sensors:                                                    Movement (anti-theft), temperature, tilt and accelerometer (fall detection)
Radio transmitter:                                 433MHz or 868MHz, 100mW
GPS antenna:                                          Built in
GSM antenna:                                         Built in
Radio antenna:                                       Built in
SIM:                                                          Integrated, subscription required