Trackware® develops and produces in-house Trackware TW® tracking & tracing products in combination with -state of the art- RFID technology.

Our Trackware TW® products are based on GPS / GPRS / LoRa / RFID UHF technology and low energy battery technologies.

Through a (data) connection to a GPRS / GSM network, KPN or Private LoRa or SigFox network our products ans sensors communicate their position and conditions over the Internet.

gprs         pda      SIM

GPRS (General Packed Radio System) is a technical extension of the existing GSM network. This technology provides a fast, efficient and inexpensive way to send and receive mobile data. In combination with a radio beacon it's possible to communicate within a building with very accurate location determination.


LoRa (Long Range) stands for Low Power Wide Area Networks: a new energy-efficiënt network. Specific in the Netherlands KPN launches a LoRa specific, nationwide network. LoRa enables millions of devices that use little data linking at a large distance to the Internet, combined with very low power consumption.

Sigfox       Tele2

SigFox is a similar network as LoRa which is specially designed to connect all devices, sensors, but also an object to the Internet at low communication cost, low power consumption and maximum efficiency.


GPS (Global Positioning Systems) uses GPS satellites for worldwide positioning. The system consists of a minimum of 24 satellites (21 + 3 spare) in six permanent rounds, turning in a fixed time around the earth and each emit its own signal. The accuracy varies depending on the system used and (weather) circumstances, between 2 and 10 meters.


Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a technology which makes it possible to store and read information from a distances using so-called RFID tags placed on or in objects and / or people.


Passive RFID tags do not have their own power source: they exploit the electromagnetic field of a RFID reader in order to induce a current in a coil, with which the chip is fed. This response signal is only available over a short distance (from a few centimeters to a few decimetres).

RFID     Tags

Active RFID tags have their own battery and can be read and written with a "remote transceiver" also called "reader" which receives or sends a radio signal. They can transmit a signal over a greater distance (around 100 meters to even a few kilometers).

Applications can be found in areas of internal and external logistic movements, warehousing (inventory) and access detection.

Based on RFID technology, we use specific sensors that are fully integrated into / with our Trackware TW® products. Examples include sensors that generate measured data in fields such as :.

   Icon blue                        Icon blue                        Icon blue                        Icon blue           

 Temperature                Humidity                           CO2                        Acceleration                  

     Icon blue                        Icon blue                        Icon blue                        Icon blue           

    Tilt                                    Light                           On/Off                        Open/Close

Both actual (Track & Trace) location data and specific measurement data are available on real time basis by Trackware® in a Cloud environment or in a specific custom made server environment.

Through the use of the latest battery technology and ultra low power microprocessor components, the life span of the Active RFID-tags is over 10 years.