Asbestos remediations safer and simpler by using innovative measuring equipment and working in the Cloud.



20, 21 and 22 November 2018: AST Holland B.V. introduces the PaSCAL pressure gauge developed by Trackware at the Asbestos trade fair in Gorinchem.












During an in-house asbestos removal, the remediation contractor is obliged to maintain a negative pressure of 20 Pa (1 Pa = 0.01 millibars) in order to prevent contamination of the environment. The registration of this negative pressure is also mandatory and must be retained for 5 years. Until now, this often happened on paper.

Commissioned by AST Holland B.V. Trackware has designed and produced the PaSCAL and the associated Cloud server. This differential pressure gauge has a measuring range of 1 to 250 Pa and sends the measurement results every minute to the Cloud, where these data are kept for at least 5 years. The PaSCAL also has a warning mechanism which, in addition to an acoustic signal, also sends an SMS or email if the pressure falls below a preset value. This makes the clean-up safer and the company is saved a lot of administration.

The measurement results can be viewed real-time on the 7 "large color touch screen of the PaSCAL as well as on the Dashboard of the AST Holland B.V. website. In addition, the measurements can be requested and downloaded in PDF format for every desired period or for each selected project, per PaSCAL.


In order to be able to use the measuring unit outside the asbestos removal industry, Trackware has designed a range of pressure gauges from a range of 1 - 125 Pa to a range of 1 - 15000 Pa. These are available as an absolute pressure and differential pressure meter. RP-Series


For applications in the asbestos removal industry, please contact:

AST Holland B.V.

Stolwijkstraat 99
3079 DN Rotterdam
T (010) 497 10 00


April 17, 18 & 19, 2018: together with Baars Techniek & Services we manned a stand at the Maintenance 2018 fair in Gorinchem. Despite the warm weather, many visitors and - even more importantly - a lot of visitors at our joint stand where Industry 4.0 was presented in practice.


April 17, 2018: Axel Dietz - as guest speaker on behalf of Trackware B.V.- gave a RFID presentation at the Auto ID Event in Veenendaal. In the usercase, RFID products from Elincom electronics B.V. used. There he presented, among other things, our catalog-free exhibition solution for Feilo Sylvania at Light & Building 2018 in Frankfurt last March 2018.

February 21, 2018: And once again with Baars Techniek & Services: now together with a stand at the Maintenance 2018 trade fair in Gorinchem (Technologies for industrial maintenance and asset management), April 17, 18 & 19, 2018. Register here for an entrance ticket free of charge!

February 5, 2018: This afternoon together with Baars Techniek & Services present at the Smart Industry Annual Event 2018 where we present our TW LoRa 3-7 universal i/o monitoring device (bottom right) on the flowchart of 3BS Solutions Industry 4.0.


January 19, 2018: Invited by Metaalunie to speak at their TeqNow seminar as a guest speaker to talk about the (im)possibilities of LoRa and (of course) to link with sensors for example for remote monitoring of equipment and/or to enable predictive maintenance.

January 9, 2018: Another great development assignment! Now for a major market player in the asbestos remediation for which we develop a pressure monitor where the data is stored in the cloud instead on a small paper print. Naturally, the communication of the data of the pressure monitor in the Netherlands is carried out via LoRa and abroad (for the time being) via 3G/4G networks. Product photos will follow later!

December 19, 2017:  Recently we won a contract to develop a Track & Trace platform (database) and dashboard for a foreign client, with which 8,000 roll containers can be tracked.

The communication of the data of the roll containers will be realized through a local LoRa network. The track & trace device placed on the roll container is also equipped with a so-called 'pick me up' button: the transport company knows exactly at which locations empty roll containers can be picked up.

The client thus realizes a very efficient use of these roll containers (also called: re-usable transport items (RTI's))!

September 28, 2017:

"Tests with Internet or Things

ProRail conducted several tests with IoT sensors on alternate heating systems on the track in Utrecht together with KPN for two years. Due to the positive results, the track manager decided to roll out the test nationwide and install a total of 1500 sensors on bills. To this end, ProRail wrote a call for tender won by Dual Inventive. Other bidders were 1M2M and Trackware. "

August 10, 2017: Introducing our new TW LoRa 3-7 universal i/o monitoring device with 2x 4-20 mAh analog input, 4x potential-free digital input and 2x potential-free digital output! To be used for remote monitoring of unattended field installations like windmills, sewage mills, water management and railroad equipment etc. Provides status messages for example like alarms on exceeding analog input values.


June 21, 2017: Where are our freight train wagons? For our customer Levira in Estand we installed a RFID portal, RFID tags and TW LoRa 3-1 tracking devices. This equipment and devices are used in combination to determine the position of freight train wagons around a railway emplacement in Estonia. Trackware: we track your ware!

March 29, 2017: at the Rail Tech Europe 2017 exhibition our client ProRail demonstrates  our TW Lora 3-6 RFID Portal as an innovative solution for railtrackside RFID tags reading on freight wagons. This autonomous, battery and a solar cell powered, RFID portal is a low cost and quickly installed (1.5 hours), and therefore a very interesting alternative compared to other installations.


March 15, 2017: for our client contractor Gebr. Vollmuller from Bergambacht we have a custom-made track & trace device developed. This autonomous device is battery operated and is invisible posted on the working material from Gebr. Vollmuller. Furthermore, we have arranged for the device to transmits it's location information to a special alarm central. Because it is such a special device we put no picture on our website here. For questions please contact us!


February 6, 2017: Trackware implements ATA Spec 2000 RFID specification for a supplier of aircraft components.

Aviation sets increasingly stringent requirements in terms of tracking the component suppliers. More and more parts are provided with a RFID (e.g., in the form of a sticker) on which information of the supplier and a number of characteristics of the component is programmed into. These requirements are defined in the ATA Spec 2000, the global standard for the aviation industry. Trackware has developed special software to encode RFID tags in accordance with this (not easy) specification. This allows the supplier to deliver it's components seamlessly to its customers.

November 25, 2016: see below our interview in the newspaper Insurance Plus of Assurantiën Van Steensel in Rotterdam: Trackware: Tracking 2.0

img_8349  img_8351

October 6th, 2016: Trackware installs ProRail autonomous RFID portal on a yard in Hilversum. Because this autonomous RFID reader operates without a permanent power and Internet connection, the installation is very simple. In this test site, the RFID portal reads the RFID tags which have been mounted on long running freight wagons. The read-out information, such as e.g. wagon numbers will be forwarded to a central server via the new communications KPN LoRa and further processed.












September 16, 2016: Trackware on ProRail Contact Day 2016


 September 15  2016, Trackware showed at the ProRail Relations Day 2016 in Railways Museum in Utrecht.

During the day, that was opened by ProRail CEO Pier Eringa and at which over 250 visitors were welcomed and with Secretary of State Dijksma as one of the speakers, Trackware showed the autonomous RFID cargo wagon reader.


With this reader, developed by Trackware, ProRail can, without electricity or internet connection, on shunting yards read the RFID tags placed on the cargo wagons that identify the wagon. These wagon numbers are then by means of the new KPN LoRa network sent to our cloud servers, where they are processed and stored.

Optimum choice of components and smart technology makes possible for the system to operate  without external energy supply by means of a very small solar panel. With this, ProRail saves major costs on the installation, because no cabling needs to be laid anymore.