EPC GS1 coding/decoding


GS1 is a global organization focused on the design and implementation of standards in the field of electronic communications between companies.

The Electronic Product Code ™ (EPC) is the latest generation of coding for the identification of products and the possible successor to the barcode.

The EPC is a simple, compact "license plate", with which objects (individual items, boxes, pallets or locations, etc.) are uniquely identified into production and/or logistics. The code is used on a RFID tag.

GS1 has several ways to account for both an owner code as a product code in an EPC code, for example, GIAI-96. We can calculate on the basis of your customer and / or product code the correct EPC code which you can program into for example your RFID tags. These codes can be supplied in various data formats (eg XLS, XLSX, CSV or TXT).

We also program the RFID tags for you. For more information go to RFID Programming.