Track & Trace - LoRa & IoT - Productidentification

Product tracking at every level: on the road, in a warehouse and in production!

Track & Trace

With our products we realize real-time asset tracking of assets such as trailers and semitrailers. Our customers thereby optimize their internal business processes, proces control and internal and external logistic movements. Equipped with the latest battery technology, our trackers have a lifespan of over 10 years.

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LoRa & Internet of Things

LoRa (Long Range) stands for Low Power Wide Area Networks: a new energy-efficient network technology. Specific for the Netherlands telecomprovider KPN launched a new, nationwide LoRa network. It is also possible to construct a so-called Private LoRa networks. LoRa enables millions of devices that use little data to link through Internet and thereby creating the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Using RFID tags to label each part within your production process allows each product to be processed uniquely and reduces the chance of errors radically . Where the range of RFID is limited, an Active RFID makes it possible to read the RFID at a much larger distance. The moment a truck drives through the gate, you already know for sure that only the right goods are on board.

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